Privacy Policy

  • 1. Personal data
    • 1.1 Personal data is any information that relates to a physical person, identified or identifiable, directly or indirectly by an identity number or one or more specific indicators. The information includes data, which on its own and together with other information can lead to an unambiguous identification of a specific person.
  • 2. Information, gathered from
    • 2.1 We gather information when you register yourself in our site. All the required fields are indicated as such and must be filled. When you register in our site, we from require your e-mail address, which serves as a feedback with the users. Every time when you add an advertisement or а publication to the site, your username will appear. An e-mail address can be shown if the user agrees with that.
    • 2.2 Data, provided by the registration of other information concerning the user’s profile:
      • А) If you use the standard registration form, we will store your e-mail in an appropriate way.
      • B) If you sign up through your Facebook profile we will record your e-mail address. This possibility is active in case that you had agreed to use the Facebook or Google instrument, which is integrated in our site. The rest of the information required by the site has to be filled additionally. The permission shows first when you enter the system for the first time or manually from the „Change the agreements” button, which is placed on the left column of the site, at the bottom of the current page and in your profile settings.
    • 2.3 Data that we gather automatically when you enter the system.

      The site uses Google Analytics to gather information when you access our system and view our pages. The information we gather is:

      • А) Information about your device – operating system, version, mobile network operator etc.
      • B) Depending of your location, when you use the system, we receive information about your approximate location, based on your IP address, which we had anonymized.
      • C) We gather information about the amount of time that you had spent and the page you had visited during the use of the system.
      • D) We use cookies. A cookie is a small piece of information, sent from a web server to an Internet browser and then returned from the browser every time it gains access to the server. Cookies are used to store information on the client’s web browser.
    • In this Policy we will use the term cookie to designate all files, which gather information this way.
    • All gathered information will help us optimize the system and it will be more convenient and useful for the users.
    • IMPORTANT: The site does not allow Google Analytics to gather and store personal data, which can lead to the exact and unambiguous identification of a certain user.
  • 3. Use of external instruments

    We use for the proper functioning of the system and the improvement of its quality we use the following programs and extensions:

    • А) The system uses Facebook instrument through which you can enter it without registration using your Facebook profile. You will be able to like and share content directly in Facebook.

      Every user has the opportunity to permit or disable the use of these two instruments by changing his permission using the “Change permission” button in the left column of the system, at the bottom of the current page and in the settings of your profile. If you disable the two instruments you will lose the ability to like and share any content in Facebook. Instead you will have to open the link, from which you will be redirected to the corresponding sites.

    • B) The system uses Google Analytics to gather information about the consumption and to enhance its functionalities. The system does not allow Google Analytics to gather any personal data, which can lead to the exact and unambiguous identification of a certain user.
  • 4. What do we use the information for?
    • 4.1 Всяка информация която събираме от вас може да бъде използвана по някой от слените начини:
      • А) All the registered users have the opportunity to post different publications on the site (pictures, videos, comments etc.). The user information will be reviewed and published after an administrator approval.
      • B) The site content can be reported by the users.

        The user’s reports will be reviewed in the shortest terms by the site administrator and if the administrator finds that the presented information is in violates the General conditions of the site, the information will be removed in the shortest terms.

        These reports will help us keep the system maximum convenient for the users

      • C) The information submitted to us by the users will help us enhance the site. We constantly strive to develop, optimize and create new functionalities based on the users requests and suggestions.
      • D) The users can make an explicit request to the system to use their personal data and send them e-mails with news and notifications from
      • E) The users give their permission to for the right to use all their publications for the purpose of the site development. declares for its part that it will not abuse the information submitted by users.
      • F) The users declare that when they upload photographs with adult persons the above-mentioned persons had given their permission for the uploading of the photographs on the site. In the cases when minors appear on the photographs and videos they give their permission together with their parents. If an under-aged person appears on the photos or videos, then it can be uploaded with the explicit knowledge and permission of his/her parent or guardian.
  • 5. Cookies
    • 5.1 A cookie is a small piece of information, sent from a web server to an Internet browser and then returned from the browser every time it gains access to the server. Cookies are used to store information on the client’s web browser.
  • 6. Disclosure of information to Third Parties
    • 6.1 We, from do not trade and by no means transfer your personal information to Third Parties. Your personal information can only be submitted to the respective authorities when the request for such information is made according to the law and all the lawful procedures are observed.
    • 6.2 The rest of the information submitted by you, which cannot be defined as personal can be used for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • 7. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) compliance
    • 7.1 According to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European parliament and of the Council 27 April 2016 requirements takes all organizational and technical measures for the protection of your personal information.
    • 7.2 All the gathered information is stored on servers online and all the necessary measures are taken for its safe storage.
    • 7.3 All users can at any time access the personal information introduced by them and edit it.
    • 7.4 We keep only personal data, which the user had expressly consented to be kept by us for the time his/her profile is active or we keep it for a limited time period until we achieve the goals for which we had gathered the data initially.
    • 7.5 All the information, which enters the site is controlled and is subjected to approval.
    • 7.6 gives its users the opportunity to make changes in the personal data they had submitted.
    • 7.7 gives every user the right to erase his/her personal data (forgetting). Using this functionality, we from have the obligation to erase your personal data without any unnecessary delay in case there is no need process the data or in case of withdrawal of consent.
    • 7.8 The administrators have the right to block an user, who had in some way violated the Rules of the site and/or the site’s General Conditions. The user will lose his/her access to his/her profile until he/she is unblocked.
    • 7.9 After a request is made for its forgetting the personal data of every user is erased in the shortest terms with no unnecessary delay. Every user’s e-mail, who has been blocked is cashed unidirectional and is kept in the data base. The e-mail cannot be returned in its original form. The purpose of this unidirectional cashing is to be able to check if a newly registered user is in the blocked users list. In this case he/she would be denied registration.
  • 8. Your consent

    By using our website, you consent to our Privacy Policy.

  • 9. Changes

    If we decide to make changes in our Privacy Policy, we will publish the changes in this page. We will notify all the users who enter the system after the changes were made. If you disagree with the changes you have the right to erase your profile and be forgotten. In this case all the requirements of art. 17 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) must be observed. The erasure will take place after you choose “Forget me” under the entrance form.

  • 10. Where and for how long we keep your personal data?

    The personal data, which we gather from you, is kept in an adequate way on protected servers.

    Your personal data will be kept as long as it is necessary to fulfil the goals, for which we have gathered it, strictly observing the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

    In case you have any questions regarding the time period and the ways of keeping your personal data you can contact us through our contact form, located in the left upper corner near the site logo.

  • 11. Links leading to Third-Party websites

    The system may contain links to Third-Party websites. When you choose some of them, you will be redirected to the respective site. You must bear in mind, that we can’t control those sites and we are not responsible for their policies. Therefor we strongly recommend you to firstly check out their policies, before you use them.

  • 12. Contact

    To contact us you can use our contact form, located in the lower right corner of the site, write us on the following address: or call the following phone number: +359887133736.