Cookies Policy

We from use cookies and similar instruments to improve our site and make it more convenient and useful for our customers.

The present Policy explains how we do this.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information, sent from a web server to an Internet browser and then returned from the browser every time it gains access to the server. Cookies are used to store information on the client’s web browser.

A great deal of the Internet browsers support cookies. The users can change the settings of their browsers and block certain types, specific or all cookies. The users can at any time clear their cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies in order to understand the way you interact with the content and the functionalities, that we provide. This information gives us the opportunity to successfully maintain, develop it and make it more convenient for you. We use cookies for security reasons also, in order to provide the integrity of the incoming data.

Cookies are important for the site’s proper functioning.

Different Types of cookies.

Cookies can be First-Party cookies and Third-party cookies. First-Party cookies can be two types: Session cookies (temporary, used to memorize you during the use of the website, they expire after certain time without interaction with the site) and Persistent cookies (they remain permanently on the device, used to visit the site). The main purpose of the Persistent cookies is to ensure the proper functioning of the system.

During the use of some of the site’s functionalities, such as sharing external for links, it’s possible a cookie from other site to added to your device. When you share external links you make requests to other sites, which often leads to the creation of the so called Third-party cookies. These cookies are not property and are managed by the persons/organizations whose link you have shared.

Google Analytics

We use cookies to understand how many people, when and how use This can help us improve the site and make it more convenient and intuitive. We use Google Analytics ( to acquire statistics such as: which are our most visited pages, which are the busiest hours, which are the most used functionalities etc.

Important: The site doesn’t allow Google Analytics to gather and store personal data, which can be used for the precise and unambiguous identification of a specific user.

Facebook cookies

We, from encourage and support the sharing of Facebook content. This is one of our basic functionalities and it requires the adding of a Facebook cookie, which is a Third-party cookie to your device. Because it happens not only when you share Facebook content yourself, but also when you open a page, in which other users shared Facebook content. asks for permission, before providing you the functionality to browse and share Facebook content. If you had declined to give such permission, but you try to share or view Facebook content, added by other users, you will see a message, inviting you to give your permission.

Google cookies

We, from encourage and support the use of Google services. This requires the adding of Google cookie (Third-party cookie for on your device. If you had declined to give such permission, but you try to share or view Facebook content, added by other users, you will see a message, inviting you to give your permission.

Deleting the cookies

You can disable or block all types of cookies. You may consider, that most of the browsers accept cookies automatically and if you don’t accept the use of cookies, you may have to clear or block the cookies manually.

If you disable the use of cookies you may still visit, but some of the functionalities may work incorrectly.

You can also visit the following address: for detailed information about the ways to clear and disable cookies and for additional general information about the cookies.

With the use of and its adjacent subdomains without clearing and disabling some or all cookies you agree with us placing the cookies that you hadn’t cleared or disabled on your device.